From Data Insights to Carbon Credits and Renewable Natural Gas: How to put your manure to work for you!

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Originally Aired - Tuesday, February 9 12:00 PM - 12:55 PM PST

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Title: From Data Insights to Carbon Credits and Renewable Natural Gas: How to put your manure to work for you!


It’s no secret that manure is nature’s perfect fertilizer, but the benefits of manure run much deeper than the 10 inches below your feet. In fact, manure is a profit powerhouse that can quickly become a primary revenue stream for your farm. Digitizing manure gives producers actionable insights to reduce expenses while growing more crops and producing more food using less money and fewer resources. 

In this seminar we will explore new and proven ways producers are adding brand new revenue streams to their operations by putting their manure to work. From comprehensive agronomic and environmental decision making that reduces risks and expenses, to understanding how to unlock money from carbon credits, to joining the manure economy with renewable natural gas, we will show you how manure is improving the bottom line.  

  1. First we will dissect a nutrient analysis to understand how isolating manure into two distinct fertilizers will optimize soil health and crop uptake so you will never have to worry about over application or wasting plant available nutrients again! 
  1. Next we will present a West Coast dairy case study to illustrate how changing a farm's manure footprint is unlocking tens of thousands of dollars a year in carbon credits. 
  1. Finally, we will introduce a modern, economical hub and spoke approach to the renewable natural gas market where farms no longer have to install an anaerobic digester to reap the benefits of biogas! 

By diving deeper into the data of manure (figuratively of course!) we will show producers how to turn their manure headache into a manure paycheck! The time has come to stop just managing manure. Instead, we want to introduce producers to the benefits of measuring manure so that they can make real money from it… after all there are dollars in the data! 


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