Permanent Crop Analyzer

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Originally Aired - Tuesday, February 9 2:00 PM - 2:55 PM PST

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Title: Permanent Crop Analyzer


The Permanent Crop Analyzer™ is a Utility Vehicle add-on kit that uses LiDAR to scan high value permanent crops, inventories tree statistics, tree location, track or section boundary, density statistics, provides yield estimates, and forecast chemical savings using the Smart-Apply® Intelligent Spray Control System™.

The Permanent Crop Analyzer™ uses an included wireless Android tablet interface, and can be operated by the grower, or as a service by a dealer.  Produces a location-based tree inventory including tree height, width and a foliage density index per tree.  The chemical savings analyzer compares the growers current spray usage to a density-based spray system, outlining where and how much chemical savings are possible.  Using historic density heat maps allows the grower to identify tree growth concerns and make data driven decisions.  Comparing density heat maps to harvest yields allows for year-over-year comparisons, and estimations of current year yield.

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