The alternative to fighting weeds and fungal diseases without using chemicals.

MINGOZZI GROUP has been building, researching on and expanding the applications of flame weeding technology since the second half of the 80’s.

Nowadays they offer a full range of services from the pre-sales consulting to after-sales, to technical support and spare part replacement in order to assist to and care for its customers.

Sturdiness, ease of use and reliability added to top-level technical and safety standards make all machines synonymous with QUALITY.

We offer field solutions, not just agricultural machines.

The main advantage of flame weeding lies in that no harmful waste is left on the ground; in fact, LPG burns forming water vapour and carbon dioxide only.

The working principle of flame weeding is that this technique produces an intense heat that “boils” weeds.

The carefully directed and controlled flame briefly passes over the weeds without charring them.

The slow application of flame weeding brings about a further advantage. When the surface of soil, pavement or concrete floor is flame treated at a slow speed, it reaches slightly high temperatures (80 – 90 °C). Therefore, it is well sterilised as there are not any pathogenic germs left.

By choosing this technology, costs are easy to estimate, as this flame weeding technique does not pollute the environment, there are no extra after-treatment costs or disposal of toxic waste.

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Contact Us

Contact Us

Address: Via Val d´Albero, 25/b
City: Bando di Argenta (FE)
State: ITALY

Country: Italy

Zip: 44010

Phone: 0039 0532 807106

Website: www.pirodiserbo.it/

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