Tecnoagri has conceived and manufactured agricultural, agri-food, industrial and green maintenance equipment since 1984. The success gained during these years comes from the ability and willingness to keep on innovation in order to fully satisfy the customers' needs.
The current production focuses on the covering of 4 fields:
Handling: agricultural hydraulic forklifts, hydraulic buckets, hydraulic side-tipper for the agro-food, horticulture,fruit farming, open field.
Earthmoving: backhoes and accessories (buckets, grippers, auger drills, cutting heads, cutting bars)for agricultural and industrial fields.
Soil Cultivation: hydraulic in and out tree cultivators for ecological weeding in vineyards and orchards.
Green Maintenance (new production): shredders, hydraulic reach mowers, branch cutter bars, cutting heads for agricultural and road works.
Tecnoagri has also implemented the area Industrial Service: technical design and construction of industrial pillars, industrial excavators arms for the industrial sector.
Actually about 60% of the products are exported in Europe, South Africa, South America, Asia and Australia.
Tecnoagri certifies that all the products have been manufactured using top-quality raw materials and made by highly professional and skilled workers.
In this way products stand out due to their reliability, ease of use and long service life.

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Contact Us

Contact Us

Address: Via Marconi 49
City: Conselice (RA)
State: ITALY

Country: Italy

Zip: 48017

Phone: 0039 (0)545 85023

Website: www.tecnoagri.it

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