"Planting is our business”, but it is also our mission.

Our company FERRARI is specialized in manufacturing mechanical vegetable transplanters (see Ferrari models FMAX, FX, FPA etc.) as well as fully automatic transplanters (specifically Ferrari FUTURA) which significantly reduce labour costs.
The transplanters can be tractor-pulled, with draw-bar assembly or in a self-propelled version. The machines fulfil the task to open the furrow in the soil, lay the seedling in upright position and close the furrow compacting the soil around the plant. Our machines are suitable to work with a wide variety of vegetables such as lettuce, brassicas, celery, tomato…

Our product range consists also of automated weeders (see Ferrari REMOWEED and REMOLITE) projected to remove weeds around the plants and eliminate the amount of chemical weed killers...


---  FERRARI is part of  ITALIA AT WORLD AG EXPO 2021 ---


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Contact Us

Contact Us

Address: 6 Str Squadri
City: Guidizzolo (MN)
State: italy

Country: Italy

Zip: 46040

Phone: 01139 0376 819342

Website: www.ferraricostruzioni.com

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