About Nutrient Technologies, Inc.

At Nutrient Technologies, Inc. we believe that the health of the world depends on the health of its food. In order to provide healthy food, growers must address the nutritional needs of their crops. Our core purpose is to serve agriculture with innovative crop nutrition products that are safe, effective, and easy to use.

Since 1986 we have been manufacturing and selling agricultural fertilizer products. We continue to research and develop innovative crop nutrition products that work better at delivering nutrients than competitive alternatives. Growers continue to use our products season after season because they see results and increased profits.

Our sales team is comprised of Agronomists with CCA and/or PCA licenses. They work with growers and distributors to address crop nutritional needs and proactively prevent nutrient deficiencies. Custom spray programs are recommended depending on the stage of the growing cycle and goals of the grower.

Upon becoming part of the De Sangosse family of companies, the Nutrient Technologies distribution network is now a global part of the farming community.

Nutrient Technologies offers 4 main product lines: TECH-FLO®, TECH-SPRAY®, TECH-GRO™ and NERI™.

TECH-FLO is where we really stand out from the competition.  These concentrated, micronized suspensions are pH neutral and come in a variety of formulations.  TECH-FLO All Season Blend is a balanced combination of Macro and Micronutrients. TECH-FLO Zeta Zinc 22% is extremely effective at influencing Zinc levels in plant tissues and is safe to use on even the most sensitive crops.   Our loyal growers will tell you that results, crop safety and spray tank compatibility are the main reasons they rely on our TECH-FLO products season after season.

TECH-SPRAY products are fast-acting liquid concentrates that are water-soluble, mix readily in the spray tank, and offer more targeted nutrient formulations.  TECH-SPRAY Hi-K 0-26-28 is one of our top selling products and combines potassium and phosphate. Hi-K is the ideal product to incorporate into programs where maturation is the goal. TECH-SPRAY Hi-K improves color development on stone fruit, apples and grapes.  Hi-K is also used in freeze and drought resistance programs.

TECH-GRO products are our dry and wettable powders.  TECH-GRO B-17 Boric Acid Spray™ and MIRA-CAL™ 30% continue to be some of our grower’s favorite products year after year.  TECH-GRO B-17 is approved as a certified organic input material by OMRI, CDFA and WSDA.


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Contact Us

Contact Us

Address: 1092 E. Kamm Ave
City: Dinuba
State: CA

Country: United States of America

Zip: 93618

Phone: 559-595-8090

Fax: 559-595-1902

Website: nutrienttechnologies.com/

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