About Cainthus

An eye on your farm, an eye on your future.

Cainthus is the computer vision company that turns visual information into actionable insights for Dairy farmers.

Our proprietary technology relies on a smart camera system that monitors animal behavior as well as operations on the farm, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and automatically turns visual inputs from cameras into real-time insights.

Cainthus has developed the ALUS product range to give farmers unparalleled information that will revolutionize the way they manage their cows, their farm and improve productivity, profitability and animal welfare:

ALUS Nutrition keeps an eye on feed availability 24/7 to ensure that your cows always have access to feed. The system passively monitors events like feed deliveries, push-ups and cleanouts and tracks those movements relative to the desired schedule. It enables producers to improve the consistency of their operations, address over or underfeeding post digestive upsets, adapt to weather changes and overall maximize intakes and reduce feed waste.

ALUS Behavior monitors how the herd behaves in the pen, 24/7, in order to provide a complete behavior analysis. The goal is to ensure that your cows are displaying optimal behavioral patterns to maximum milk production but also animal welfare. ALUS Behavior enables you to monitor lying time, with the intent to make the changes required to improve cow comfort and address lameness or other health issues proactively.

Cainthus has now installed its technology on several major farms in the U.S., tracking tens of thousands of cows. 


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Contact Us

Contact Us

Address: 9715 West Grove Avenue
City: Visalia
State: CA
Zip: 93291

Phone: (559)999-9734

Website: cainthus.com

Product Categories


  • ALUS Behavior - Optimize milk production and animal welfare
  • ALUS Nutrition - Increase feeding and labor efficiencies


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