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Ranch Systems provides hardware systems for wireless data collection, monitoring, and irrigation/water system controls in agricultural and environmental applications. Our hardware supports third-party sensors and controllers with open platforms.  The Ranch Cloud™ Data and User Access Portal securely stores users’ private data.  Access to the system is anytime, anywhere utilizing the myRanch™ app, Ranch Cloud web interface, alerts, or automated reports.  Automatically deliver data in any format to a wide range of third-party platforms.  We are excited to launch new long range, low energy Bluetooth technology.  This connects existing sensors and sets the stage for future sensors in development.

Most solutions being provided to the agriculture sector are vertical solutions - brand oriented and primary solution oriented. Examples are weather stations, soil moisture probes with proprietary data loggers, etc. Ranch Systems is unique in providing a horizontal solution to work with all types of sensors and controllers. The focus of products is to provide rugged, flexible, telemetry solutions to allow growers to select the best combination of sensor and control solutions to fit their specific needs.

Wireless precision agriculture solutions are continuously evolving. The RS10™ brings a new mode of connectivity to the industry.  This combination provides a flexibility and coverage never before available to agriculture operations for monitoring of field conditions. There are no soil moisture monitoring solutions currently on the market utilizing this powerful combination. Our development team utilized our experience with high-efficiency solar powered devices to build the unit with its own solar power/battery components and self- regulating power management. Combined with Bluetooth low energy and long range wireless technology, this design delivers a unique new solution with the capacity to collect and transmit the data from the multiple sub-sensors in a standard soil moisture probe, with the robustness and reliability that farmers need from a field monitoring device.

The RS10™ is a solar powered, long range Bluetooth adapter capable of reading data from traditional wired soil moisture sensors. The RS10™ overcomes the limitations of sensor cable length, enabling deployment of more sensors in fields over a wider area. Utilizing Bluetooth® 5.0, the RS10™ is capable of 4x the range of legacy Bluetooth devices. The RS10™ is agnostic to soil moisture probe brands supporting most existing probe installations and future sensor options. The RS10™ transmits data via Bluetooth to a Ranch Systems cellular telemetry unit which uploads real- time soil moisture data to the Ranch Cloud™ field monitoring and control platform. The data is viewed via traditional time graph, color code soil water profile, or custom views via the myRanch™ app or the Ranch Cloud™ Portal.

The RS130™ is self-powered telemetry unit with a data logger, transmitter, and battery.  Omni directional solar provides less risk of being turned or misinstalled and has no other use leading to less risk of theft.  This telemetry solution includes GPS L1 with AGPS from a cellular modem.  Enclosure has the water-proof grade of a water filter which is critical in agriculture where constantly sprayed on.  The entire unit is marine grade sealed and the solar panel is protected eliminating degradation from dust, birds, overspray, etc.

The RS300™ is an advanced wireless data logger and equipment controller capable of periodically reading data from a variety of sensors and uploading that data to Ranch Cloud™. The data can be viewed online and configured to trigger alerts, generate reports, control valves and equipment, etc., all according to rules the customer defines.  The RS300™ can connect directly to Ranch Cloud™ using a cellular modem or act as one of several mesh nodes connecting through an RM210™ Base Station.

The RM400™ is an advanced telemetry node, data logger, and equipment controller capable of reading data from a variety of sensors and uploading that data to the Ranch Cloud™ platform.  The RM400™ is built to be the backbone of your monitoring and control system. It is designed for ease of use, with a built-in display and keypad interface for in-field configuration, valve control, and data readout. Advanced configuration is available using a cabled PC connection or by real-time cloud server connection using the myRanch™ app.

The RM400™ can control up to 48 valves and provides multiple sensor input options. Using the myRanch™ app, you can program the multiple, fully automated irrigation programs in a matter of minutes. Programs can be automatically optimized for the shortest possible run time, and dynamically adjusted based on real-time environmental conditions.  The RM400 supports WiFi and cellular connectivity to Ranch Cloud™, traditional wired sensors, and wireless sensor connectivity, using Bluetooth® long range wireless technology. In combination with the RS10™ Bluetooth Long Range Adapter, the RM400™ can read multiple SDI-12 soil probes up to 1000 feet away, making new installations and upgrading existing installations easier

Our myRanch™ app is a dynamic mobile-first design providing anytime, anywhere access to users’ data from the Ranch Cloud™ Data and User Access Portal along with control of irrigation or water management systems connected to Ranch Systems telemetry solutions.  The data is presented in a uniform navigation and user-controlled display of cross-property dashboards with a tile layout.  Users receive alarms and alerts for frost, heat index, soil moisture status, pest indices, Eto, and more via any internet connected device.  myRanch™ is available for both Apple and Android devices.

The Ranch Systems team looks forward to answering your questions and reviewing our technology solutions that will best fit your needs!  


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Contact Us

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Country: United States of America

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  • Ranch Cloud™ Data and User Access Portal
  • RM210 Base Telemetry Unit
  • RM400 Monitoring & Control Unit
  • RS Weather Pro
  • RS10 Bluetooth Long Range Adapter
  • RS130 Telemetry Unit
  • RS300 Telemetry Unit


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